Computer and all the gadgets attached to it are great when it works. But when it stops working properly, getting it back on track can be a big and very time-consuming problem for the daily users who are not the expert in technology.. / OnPrinters is a community umbrella of some hp printer users devoted to helping anybody to find the solution to any problems concerning any type of Hp printers. Our editors, writers and contributors are the real users of Hp printer then shares their best experiences in dealing with troubleshooting Hp printers.

Our goal is to provide the secure experience for the Hp printers’ users, as the non expert in technology, experience the daily use technology to be easy.


OnPrinters journey began in 2017 when some of hp printer users ask for help and share their experiences to help each other in troubleshooting the hp printer via Yahoo Groups and Facebook group. Then in late 2018 some of the member have the idea to widen the platform to a website in order to be able to share the services to the public.